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Ecofeminism: Supporting Gender Equality and Climate Change Activism

Climate change is often mentioned in the news and conversations these days, but something that is not talked about so much is ecofeminism and how it can help create a more sustainable society.

What is ecofeminism, you ask? Keep reading to find out what ecofeminism is, why you should care, and how it relates to sustainable menstruation.

What is Ecofeminism?

Ecofeminism, also known as ecofem, is an offshoot of the broader feminist movement in the 1970s that examines the intersections between feminism and environmental concerns. It’s a political movement that recognizes the need for gender equality in the context of policies related to climate change.

The 4 Main Principles Ecofeminism Is Built on

  • The oppression of nature parallels the oppression of women (and other marginalized groups) and reflects the patriarchy.
  • Ecofeminism posits that hierarchical thinking and male dominance are the reason behind the subjugation of both women and nature. Capitalism and industrial development reinforce this oppression since they place value on productivity at any cost.

  • The culture of dominating nature must be replaced with an ethic of care.
  • Ecofem calls for a new approach to achieving environmental justice; one that is grounded in gender equality and involves acting in a caring, nurturing way rather than continuing the masculine system of domination and exploitation.

  • All forms of oppression are connected and equally unacceptable and must be understood for equitable change.
  • There is ample data that shows women are disproportionately affected by climate-related disasters. But it’s crucial to remember that there is immense variety within the group of “women”. We must always be aware of intersectionality- how class, race, sexuality, and other factors interact to exacerbate vulnerability to climate change.

  • Women must have a leading role in addressing climate change as they are the ones most affected by environmental destruction.
  • Women are extremely underrepresented in environmental policy making roles, both at national and community levels. Globally, though women make up a large share of the agriculture workforce, they own only a fraction of the land compared to men. There can be no environmental justice without elevating women of diverse backgrounds to ensure gender equality in institutions that create policy.

    What it Means for You to Stand with the Ecofeminism Movement

    To be a supporter of the ecofeminism movement is to embrace the intersectional nature of climate change and gender to understand the relationship that our male-dominated society has with nature. It’s important to go a step further and recognize that there are other critical factors, including class, sexuality, gender, and race that shape our environmental impacts.

    If you stand with ecofem, it means you believe that elevating the participation of women in key decision-making platforms can advance equitable sustainability targets and be more effective at promoting an eco-friendlier existence. 

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    How Aruna Revolution Health has Ecofem Embedded in its Roots and Values

    At Aruna, our mission to create compostable menstrual pads for all menstruators is rooted in ecofeminism, as demonstrated by our core values.

    Protecting the Environment

    We recognize that conventional disposable menstrual pads have a huge environmental footprint due to the resources used to manufacture them and the waste problem they add to. That’s why sustainability is one of the core values driving our mission to provide compostable menstrual pad alternatives.

    Protecting the Bodies of Menstruators

    Through our core value of education, we are committed to normalizing vaginal health and reducing the stigma associated with menstruation around the world. Our compostable menstrual pads are free of chlorine, plastic, and synthetic fragrances and offer a solution for menstruators who live in rural communities and may not have access to water facilities required to safely use reusable sanitary pads.

    No Gender Labelling

    Although ecofeminism encourages viewing environmental issues through a feminist lens, 

    we value inclusivity and recognize that menstruators can identify as any gender. We are committed to providing affordable and sustainable menstruation solutions to all people who have periods.

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    What is ecofeminism about gender and environment?

    Ecofeminism has the link between the harm done to women and the harm done to the environment. It contends that patriarchal power and control have an impact on both gender inequality and environmental damage.

    What is an example of any environmental movement promoting ecofeminism?

    One environmental movement that supports ecofeminism is the Chipko movement in India. Women hugged trees as part of this initiative, which got its start in the 1970s, in an effort to stop deforestation.

    What is the relationship between ecofeminism and gender?

    According to ecofeminism, patriarchal power structures exacerbate both gender inequality and environmental deterioration. It promotes social and environmental justice for all and finds a connection between the exploitation of the environment and the oppression of women.

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